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Kung Fu Tea Kicks Open Its Doors July 15

Customizable bubble tea franchise hits the University District

Red Bean Wow Milk Strike.
Red Bean Wow Milk Strike.
Kung Fu Tea/FB

International bubble tea franchise Kung Fu Tea launches its first Washington location next Friday, July 15 in the U District.

It'll give University of Washington students yet another tea option on The Ave, a stretch that already includes the likes of Tea Republik, Oasis Tea Zone, Yunnie Bubble Tea, and Wow Bubble Tea and Frozen Yogurt — a little tea town in the midst of this coffee city.

Kung Fu's menu is extensive, with categories like "Slush" and "Milk Strike," and highly customizable. With real teas as a base, the various drinks are available at multiple levels of sweetness and temperature and with extra toppings like tapioca bubbles or nata jelly. There's something for every flavored tea drinker here, from Oreo milk tea to red bean slush, if not many options for unadulterated consumption.

The franchise is based out of New York and currently comprises about 70 stores throughout the US, with another 15 upcoming locations listed on its website.

4730 University Way NE, Unit 109, website. Soft opening July 15 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.