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Sea Wolf Is Raising Dough on Kickstarter

The company is crowdfunding $25K for its new bakery

From Twitter: "First test bake. Little light, but we'll get there."
From Twitter: "First test bake. Little light, but we'll get there."
Sea Wolf Bakers/Twitter

Sea Wolf Bakers, darling of Seattle's bread baking scene and primary supplier of chef Renee Erickson's lauded restaurants, has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a $25,000 goal to open the doors of its Fremont brick and mortar. A charming video, animated by Kalakala Co. and narrated by Erickson herself, will make you yearn for a full-fledged cartoon series, or at least a holiday special.

The company writes that the campaign is the key to opening the doors of the bakery: "This is much-needed startup capital to help us grow from a fly-by-night wholesale business into a full-scale brick-and-mortar establishment offering coffee and pastries to our friends and neighbors."

A day in, Sea Wolf has already raised almost $2,000 with the promise of such rewards as hand-thrown mugs (prototypes for the locally-made pieces that will feature in the store), well-used cast iron pans, reservations for bread-making classes (which typically sell out when they're held at Book Larder), and, of course, bread subscriptions, personalized loaves of bread, and more gorgeous, glutinous gifts.

This spring, brothers and founders Kit and Jesse Schumann began work on the extensive buildout on their space at 3621 Stone Way N, next to Manolin, and have tracked progress thoroughly via Twitter, where they recently showed off the first test bake of their giant Italian oven. There's no firm opening date but things appear to be coming along nicely.

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