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Popular Barbecue Food Truck To Set Down Roots in Central District

Wood Shop BBQ will open in early fall

Wood Shop BBQ/FB

Since it first hit the streets in December 2014, the Wood Shop BBQ food truck has built a big following (and earned a place on Eater's list of Seattle's best barbecue). Building on that success, Wood Shop has announced it's ready to open a brick and mortar restaurant in early fall.

Truck owners Matthew Davis and James Barrington say they'll serve their blend of Kansas City- and Texas-style barbecue at a "kid-friendly" restaurant at 2513 S Jackson Street, next to just-opened The Atlantic and across the street from Standard Brewing. It's an ideal location for Wood Shop, which has been a regular at nearby Chuck's Hop Shop for two years.

Like the truck, the restaurant will rely on post oak and hickory from the Midwest for its two smokers, one of which is a 5,000-pound, custom-built, meat-smoking mammoth. Don't worry: The food truck will remain in circulation once the restaurant opens.