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Meat and Bread Bows Out of Capitol Hill

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The South Lake Union location will remain open

Porchetta at Meat and Bread.
Porchetta at Meat and Bread.
Colin Bishop/Eater

August 13 marked the last day in business for the British Columbia-born Meat and Bread sandwich shop on Capitol Hill. The restaurant simply wasn't drawing enough business, reports Capitol Hill Seattle blog, with owner Dave Neil citing the neighborhood's ongoing construction as part of the problem.

Meat and Bread opened with much fanfare last April, bringing its slimmed-down menu of three sandwiches a day, including its famous porchetta, to the U.S. for the first time. Though the spot was wildly popular at the outset, apparently the rush didn't last. Meanwhile, the company's South Lake Union location, which opened in November, will remain in business.

News of this closure follows the shuttering of nearby Chop Shop, which had just celebrated its one-year anniversary in July. In a statement about the closure, owner Ericka Burke also cited issues with construction and lack of foot traffic.

Meat & Bread

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