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Smoked Fish Shop Coming This Summer to Hillman City

Okay, a smoked everything shop

Young Bros Smoked Fish/Instagram

Get ready to bask in smoked fish glory, Hillman City.

Aiming for a summer opening, Young Bros. Smoked Fish Co. will bring lox and gravlax, daily hot- and cold-smoked salmon, and an array of seafood like shrimp, cod, sturgeon, and miso-marinated black cod, house-pickled oysters and herring, smoked fish chowder, and soups like matzo ball and chicken noodle, reports Seattle Met.

The shop will source fish from small family fishers in Washington and Alaska who focus on sustainability. The deli aspect will be complemented by a retail portion selling soups, stocks, beer, wine, and a whole lot of smoked things: butter, oats, chocolate chips, even honey.

You may recall the shop was first announced as Young & Young Smoked Fish Shoppe back in the spring. The names — both the initial proposal and the latest incarnation — refer to owners Zac and Jesse Young, brothers who are builders by trade and fish smokers by hobby.

Zac is married to Heather Earnhardt of Wandering Goose, so expect the new shop to sell baked goods like cookies with smoked chocolate chips and savory galettes with smoked fish — a bit of a departure from what you’d find at Earnhardt’s Southern-inspired Capitol Hill restaurant, but close enough to capitalize on its sterling reputation.

Seattle Met also notes that there may be bagels from Matt Tinder’s Saboteur Bakery in Bremerton, and perhaps some Scandinavian breads. You’ll have to wait ‘til summer to find out.

The Wandering Goose

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