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Paw-sitively On Trend, West Seattle Is Getting a Cat Cafe

Emerald Kitty Café has coffee available now, but no kitties yet

Anna S./Yelp

Eater reported last month that Capitol Hill appeared the likely location for the city's second cat cafe, Neko. Now it appears as though another venture has beaten it to the punch — sort of: West Seattle, say hello to Emerald Kitty Café.

You'll find the cafe at at 3422 Harbor SW, near the foot of the West Seattle bridge, in the former shelter known as Kitty Harbor. The shelter was recently acquired by Emerald City Pet Rescue, which has started serving Stumptown coffee and tea on Saturdays and Sundays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

But here's the catch: There aren't currently any cats on site. That portion of the venue is closed for renovations, with plans to reopen soon, the Emerald City Pet Rescue blog promises. At that point, expect adoptable cats in the space, too.

The format, however, will be less interactive and more observational than that of your typical cat cafe experience. Emerald Kitty Café plans to simply allow you to drink coffee while looking at the cats through a glass window. There won't be a pay-to-play opportunity where you cough up an extra five bucks for the privilege of some feline playtime, and the cat "room" will resemble what you'd see at an animal shelter rather than a decked out playroom with cafe tables like at Meowtropolitan in Wallingford.

The West Seattle blog offers more details: Coming soon are vegan and vegetarian sandwiches, salads, and muffins, and an outdoor seating area with Wi-Fi when the weather warms up. All proceeds will benefit Emerald City Pet Rescue.