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Updated: Mark Fuller's Vegetarian Burger Restaurant Is Accepting Orders Right Now

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‘Table’s online system is now active

A veggie burger.

Update, 10/20/17: ‘Table co-owner Doug Kawasaki said the presence of the online ordering system was a “Chownow snafu” and the restaurant is definitely not open for business yet, let alone filling any takeout orders yet; as such, the ordering system has been removed from the website for now. Kawasaki didn’t indicate how far out opening day is, but said the team just got occupancy of the space and is in the process of stocking it and training staff. He also said the menu “has changed a bit from the version that Chownow posted.” Back to the waiting game.

Original story, 10/18/17: Surprise: Chownow’s online ordering system is accepting pickup orders for ‘Table, Ma’Ono and New Luck Toy owner Mark Fuller’s anticipated vegetarian burger restaurant in partnership with Doug Kawasaki. Eater has reached out to Fuller to confirm that ‘Table is officially open, but its website certainly gives that impression.

‘Table’s address is listed online as 2305 6th Ave., on the ground floor of the high-rise condo building Insignia Towers at the corner of Bell St. The restaurant’s hours appear to be 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

In ‘Table’s entrees section, the top dog is the Table burger, which Fuller said will involve a patty of fried mushrooms and eggplant supplemented by quinoa, barley, cashews, marmite seasonings, and tamarind, as well as “veggie caramel,” a mix of carrots, tomato paste, onions, and garlic cloves cooked to caramelized glory. The burger is complemented by the Table wrap or bowl, as well as a barbecue sandwich with yuba (tofu skin), black coffee barbecue sauce, fried onions, and coleslaw.

Under the heading “Soups, Salads and Sides” are five options that definitely appear a cut above the average burger shop’s side of fries: a king oyster mushroom salad with pickled cauliflower and pesto dressing; caramelized broccoli; butter crunch Bibb lettuce with a red curry dressing; crispy potatoes with harissa verde and fresh curds; and a mushroom and potato soup with labne yogurt and “mushroom bacon.”

Fuller’s been busy this year: He teamed with Rachel’s Ginger Beer to put a Nashville hot chicken stand in the bar’s new University Village outpost, and he’s also working on a pizzeria called Supreme, set for its own fall opening. As for ‘Table, it’s not the first meatless burger restaurant to hit Seattle this year: Next Level Burger, a vegan chain based in Bend, Oregon, unveiled a Seattle location at the Roosevelt Whole Foods this summer.


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