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The International District’s First Natural Wine Shop Is on Track After All

Vita Uva and its host restaurant, Súp Shop, hope to open in November

The exterior of Pho Bac Sup Shop, with the restaurant’s name featured prominently above windows looking inside.
Pho Bac’s new Súp Shop will house Suzi An’s Vita Uva natural wine business.
Courtesy of Súp Shop

The good news first: The International District’s first natural wine shop, Vita Uva, will open inside Pho Bac’s anticipated new Vietnamese restaurant, Súp Shop, after all. Vita Uva — translated literally as “life grapes” — will focus on wines that are made with much less intervention than conventional wines, leading to bold, unusual flavor expressions even from familiar grape varietals.

Last time she told Eater about Vita Uva, owner Suzi An, former creative director of operations for Junebaby and Salare, was concerned permitting problems would force her to focus on e-commerce instead of brick-and-mortar. She’s happy to report that she’s taking over a wall space in Súp Shop’s main dining area (instead of the 65-square-foot extension originally planned) with shelving, a rolling ladder, and a vintage counter. Hours for this retail portion of the space will likely be Thursday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at first. It’s all located in Little Saigon at 1240 S Jackson St.

Now for the mildly bad news: Súp Shop and Vita Uva have been delayed from October to November. That means at least another couple weeks wait for Yenvy Pham and two of her siblings, the younger generation of Pho Bac’s owners, to serve affordable Vietnamese eats like baby clams in tamarind sauce, fish sauce wings, and beef short-rib pho. A full bar and cheap beer will complement An’s natural wine selection, and Vietnamese music videos will play around the clock. Soon.

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