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Bulletproof Coffee Leaves a ‘Lingering Sour Aftertaste’ (and More Updates)

Plus salmonella and norovirus outbreaks at Seattle restaurants, Paul Allen approves of May Thai, and Bourdain’s show did some questionable editing

Bulletproof’s coffee and food is mostly really gross, says The Seattle Times.

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  • Last week a salmonella outbreak tied to Miller’s Guild closed the restaurant temporarily. There were three confirmed cases, including one that required hospitalization.
  • Oof: There were also 13 cases of norovirus associated with Elliott's Oyster House after its 25th Annual Oyster New Year event last week, and two cases contracted after a meal at Rachel’s Ginger Beer/Ma’Ono Fried Chicken in the University District earlier in November.
  • Bethany Jean Clement tore into Bulletproof Coffee’s new South Lake Union cafe, saying the buttered coffee leaves drinkers “with a lingering sour aftertaste akin to awakening on a very bad morning,” the breakfast burrito is “a gummy, tasteless cloud,” and a scone “crumbles to the touch, chews like damp sand, and tastes slightly less bland than everything else.” Yum.
  • That recent Parts Unknown episode in which Anthony Bourdain smoked a lot of weed and ate a lot of seafood in Seattle apparently also discarded a discussion about gender discrimination in the tech industry. Yet two of the discussion’s participants, including Nikki Barron of Techbridge Girl, still show up in a lip-synching scene at the episode’s conclusion — and Barron said she wouldn’t have participated at all if show runners had informed her a VR porn startup was being featured.

Editor’s note, 11/30/17: It’s not clear that Parts Unknown producers directly replaced the gender discrimination discussion with a segment on a VR porn startup, and the story has been corrected to reflect that distinction.