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Redhook’s Huge Woodinville Brewery Has Sold for $24.5 Million

That means Redhook’s Forecasters Pub will close at the end of the year

Redhook has sold its Woodinville brewing facility and will close its adjacent pub at year’s end.
Redhook Brewery/FB

Redhook’s massive Woodinville brewery has been purchased for $24.5 million by Sound Commercial Investment Holdings, a real-estate holding company. The purchase means Redhook’s Forecasters Pub will close at the end of the year, reports The Seattle Times. No word yet on what the buyer plans to do with the property.

The facility was running at only 30-percent capacity, so Redhook’s parent company, Craft Brew Alliance, closed its Woodinville brewery and put it up for sale earlier this year. The company shifted its focus to its new Capitol Hill brewpub, Brewlab, though it has continued operating Forecasters Pub in Woodinville as well. Meanwhile, Pabst was brewing some beers in the Woodinville building, but decided not to exercise a $28 million option to buy it.

Brewlab opened in August on Capitol Hill as fancy and experimental but noticeably downsized operation compared to the 20-acre Woodinville location.

Redhook Brewlab

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