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Updated: Lady Yum’s Macarons and Champagne Landing Imminently at Sea-Tac

And there’s another branch opening in Amazonia this summer

Lady Yum/FB

Update, 3/27/17: Eater has received confirmation that Lady Yum’s Sea-Tac location will be open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 28.

Original story: Kirkland’s macaron phenom Lady Yum will open its kiosk at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport any day now. Owner Megan Wagstaff is waiting to receive her final health department approvals before she can officially start selling to airport customers, but expect an opening as soon as this weekend or early next week.

Wagstaff’s Sea-Tac location will have macaron offerings similar to what’s available at her Kirkland flagship, like the honey lavender, raspberry chardonnay, and espresso fudge options that have earned her a big local following. There will also be mini-bottles of Champagne and local wine, but here’s the catch: they’re intended as gifts or for later consumption only, as you’re not legally allowed to consume your own alcohol on planes. But because the kiosk is conveniently located after security, you won’t have to worry about TSA’s three-ounce restrictions on carry-on liquids.

The take-away-only kiosk will be located in the C Concourse, around the corner from Anthony’s Homeport. In addition to macarons and liquor, you’ll also be able to pick up a variety of local products from small Northwest vendors like Crafted Caramel Sauce and Sweet Caroline’s shrubs, plus greeting cards, candles, tea, and more.

Wagstaff is also busy working on a third store, set to open in downtown Seattle’s Amazon jungle sometime in late June or early July. Stay tuned for updates on that development as well as the official opening date of the airport kiosk.