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Peek Inside Bellevue’s New Community-Oriented Coffee Shop

Bellden Cafe opened earlier this month

Suzi Pratt

A new Bellevue cafe puts a twist on the traditional coffee shop model by regularly partnering with and supporting local charities. It’s called Bellden Cafe, and owner Claire Sumadiwirya opened it earlier this month at 10575 Main St.

In addition to your typical coffee options, Bellden also offers pastries, sandwiches, salads, acai bowls, and toasts inside a space designed by Atelier Drome. “The goal is to provide healthy food at a casual and relaxing environment where people can enjoy like they are on vacation at the beach,” says Sumadiwirya.

The cafe supports a rotating cast of local charities in three ways: First, cafe staff volunteer at a given nonprofit as a team. Then, the cafe invites representatives of the organizations to visit and promote their work to the community. Finally, Bellden offers special food and drink items for each featured charity, donating the proceeds. “Sometimes, the special items will stay on the menu as permanent menu items depending on how much the consumers loved it,” says Sumadiwirya.

Sumadiwirya was born in Shanghai and raised in Bellevue. She previously opened community-based coffee shops inside hospitals in China.

Bellden Cafe is currently partnering with local charities Street Bean, Jubilee Reach, Vision House, DSHS King County, the Washington Trails Association, and Eastside Baby Corner.

Bellden Cafe

10527 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98004 (425) 698-1597 Visit Website