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Pike Brewing’s New Bar and Restaurant Set for Summer Arrival

The 27-year-old brewery starts a new chapter

Courtesy of Pike Brewing

If you’ve been to or walked past Pike Brewing lately, you’ve likely noticed the in-progress construction on the street-level floor of the space. Come summer, that will be home to Tankard and Tun, the company’s new restaurant, bar, and brewery cellar space.

The expansion, which sits above the current home, will continue the brewery’s current segmented feeling, where there are multiple spaces on various levels. For starters, Pike is going to lift six new fermentation tanks into the new area, placing them above the rest of the current brewery and adding onto the gravity-powered system. Glass walls throughout will allow diners and passersby the ability to spy on the brewers at work.

In addition, Tankard and Tun will comprise two restaurant/bar spaces: the larger one will have around 70 seats split between an oyster bar and dining room; the smaller one, a lounge area near the brew deck, will seat around 30.

The larger dining room will have a window into the kitchen, above which there’s a private events mezzanine and mixed use space.

Courtesy of Pike Brewing

So what of the food? Tankard and Tun’s menu will be overseen by chef Gabe Spiel, an aficionado of foraged ingredients and local seafood. Expect a bit of a departure from Pike’s casual pub food, with a move toward a slightly more high-brow selection and a shift toward all things fishy. Spiel intends the menu to change regularly, with around 15 to 20 items that showcase the best of what’s in season. In addition to seafood, he’ll partner with Foraged and Found Edibles for all manner of woodsy oddities.

Pike Brewing has been maxed out on space for a while, and company founders Charles and Rose Ann Finkel had actually considered expanding off site before deciding to build up.

“Our goal is to be a 100-year-old brewery,” Charles told Eater. “We are twenty seven so we're building to last and looking towards the future.”

Pike Brewing Company

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