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Neighborhood Favorite Oliver’s Twist Is For Lease

The cocktail bars in Phinney Ridge and Magnolia are both available

One of Oliver’s Twist’s signature cocktails, The Duff and Blathers, in a mini-barrel.
Oliver’s Twist/FB

The two locations of longstanding cocktail bar Oliver’s Twist — the Phinney Ridge original at 6822 Greenwood Ave N and the 2014 Magnolia follow-up at 3217 W McGraw St — are for lease, and for once, the owners say it has nothing to do with rising rents. “It’s been our baby for 10-and-a-half years, and we’re ready to wrap things up neatly,” said Dan Braun, who handles the kitchen while his wife, Sarah Hughes-Giles, runs the front-of-house.

The couple met years ago at Carmelita, the Phinney vegetarian restaurant where Hecho now stands, before founding a spirits-focused spot that became known for solid drinks and a limited but satisfying small-plates menu coming from a tiny, hood-less kitchen. They haven’t ruled out future work in the food industry: “It’s kind of all we know,” Braun said.

He is considering becoming a personal chef and food stylist, while his wife is still unsure what her next move will be. One thing is clear: They don’t want to hire a general manager and stay on as absentee bar owners. “It’s been our baby for 10 years, so either we’re all hands in or we do something else,” Braun said.

Originally posted to Craigslist without identifying marks, the businesses are now listed publicly (and individually) as turnkey operations for the right taker. “There are a couple ways it could remain Oliver’s Twist,” Braun said, “but we’re not going to entrust it to just anybody.” He said if no one steps up to preserve the existing business and staff, a new business could take over. There’s no rush to unload the operation, though, and Oliver’s Twist will run as normal until a sale is made. “We want what’s going to fit well in the neighborhood,” he said.

Oliver's Twist

6822 Greenwood Avenue North, , WA 98103 (206) 706-6673 Visit Website

Oliver's Twist Magnolia

3217 W McGraw St, Seattle, WA 98199 (206) 946-1651 Visit Website