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Seattle’s Newest Poke Place Lands on 12th Avenue

Yes, you can add Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to your bowl

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Newport Poke/FB

Seattle’s newest poke place, Newport Poke, opened on Friday at 722 12th Ave, across the street from Seattle University. Lest you think this is just another carbon copy following the ever-popular trend, take heart: Here, you have the option of adding Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to your poke bowl.

Otherwise, the set-up will absolutely feel familiar to poke aficionados, with a build-your-own format that offers regular and large bowls with a base of rice, taro chips, or spring mix; proteins like tuna, salmon, octopus, tofu, and scallops; sauces like shoyu and spicy mayo; and toppings such as seaweed salad, cucumber, furikake, avocado, and wasabi. Diners can also select “small bites” like onigiri — nori-wrapped rice balls — and “island ceviche” served with chips.

Early Yelp reviews skew positive but are certainly mixed, with some raving about the quality of the fish and the service while others pan the restaurant for its high prices and a few early missteps. Yelpers seem cool with the Cheetos, though.

722 12th Avenue, (206) 324-6004, website. Open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Newport Poke

722 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 Visit Website