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An ice cream sandwich on a yellow plate and a blue background from The Cookie Counter. Suzi Pratt for Eater

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Seattle Cookie Counter Returns Better Than Ever

The vegan sweet shop even has soft serve now

Six months after shuttering, vegan dessert shop Seattle Cookie Counter — first a successful food truck then a bodacious but beleaguered brick-and-mortar — has risen again in Phinney Ridge, complete with a remodel and plenty of new sweets to entice wayward fans.

In particular, shiny new cafe windows will help Greenwood Ave passersby get a look at fresh menu items like hot fudge topping for the coconut milk-based homemade ice cream sundaes, matcha green tea affogato, and even soft serve ice cream in rotating flavors like chai and lavender. (The shop was offering a dollar off soft serve recently because staff were still practicing their swirl technique.)

NEW MENU ITEM (when we open)!!! Matcha Affogato: a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, topped with matcha tea, whip...

Nai-post ni The Cookie Counter noong Huwebes, Mayo 4, 2017

Naturally, favorites like customizable ice cream sandwiches have returned, and during the store’s last hour every Sunday, from 8 to 9 p.m., any half-dozen baked goods (many gluten-free as well as vegan) will be available for $6, including cookies, brownies, and any others still on hand.

The Cookie Counter crowdfunded both its mobile operation and then its permanent location, but closed its doors last November, citing financial straits. Owners Chelsea Keene and Chris Olson blamed unscrupulous contractors, whose shoddy work also caused a way-delayed opening, cutting short the crucial summer season. A car crash that injured Olson seemed to be the last straw. But the community rallied again, contributing nearly $10,000 via Gofundme, which was enough to get the owners back on their feet.

What’s more, the twee VW van that got them started will return this season as well. It wasn’t running last year while the business struggled to find its footing, but it will be available for catering and make regular appearances at Westlake Park, Peddler Brewing, and more this summer.

Check Seattle Cookie Counter’s Facebook page for the latest on limited hours during the soft opening, which runs until the grand opening on May 21.

Seattle Cookie Counter

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