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No, Deluxe Is Not Coming to Tacoma, Says Owner

Sorry, gang


Juicy rumors that the owners of Seattle’s Deluxe Bar and Grill and Brunswick and Hunt are expanding to Tacoma appear to be false, as co-owner Barry Rogel tells Eater, “I am remodeling a space for a tenant in a building I own on 6th Avenue. That's all.”

Tacoma Untapped kicked off the speculation early this month, asking Facebook followers, “Ready for another Seattle restaurant to join us in T-Town?” The post alludes to the increasing number of excellent Seattle-based restaurants opening outposts in Tacoma, including recently opened locations of poke palace Sam Choy’s Poké to the Max and Mexican marvel Casco Antiguo.

The Tacoma Untapped post continues, “The owners of the Capitol Hill institution Deluxe Bar and Grill and Ballard's Brunswick & Hunt look to be opening a restaurant on 6th Ave.” in a space that formerly housed a tobacco shop. An Eater tipster also says that Deluxe co-owner Barry Rogel has active permits with the city for the building he owns at 3817 to 3821 6th Ave.

Sadly, while Rogel’s initial response to the rumor was tantalizing — he told Eater, “I am not currently getting permits related to opening a restaurant in Tacoma,” dangling the word “currently” like a steak in front of news hounds — his follow-up was less open to interpretation. Unless, perhaps, Rogel’s tenant is the one opening a restaurant? Never give up hope, Tacoma.

Deluxe Bar and Grill

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Brunswick and Hunt

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