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Dot’s Butcher and Deli Departs Again

Business just wasn’t brisk enough at the Pike Place Market sandwich shop

Suzi Pratt

Hope you weren’t too attached to Dot’s Butcher and Deli, the Pike Place Market sandwich shop and butcher counter from Miles James, because it’s closing this week.

James posted a message on the business’s social media pages, blaming the closure on simple economics: he’d need to be doing three to four times his current business to succeed, and that wouldn’t be possible by himself. Now that his lease is up for renewal, he’s chosen not to carry on. James will close Friday or when he sells out of product, whichever comes sooner, so go get some porchetta and meatballs, for old time’s sake.

I can't figure out a good way to say this but I have some sad news - we are coming up on a year at the Pike Place...

Posted by Dot's Butcher & Deli on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dot’s, which opened last July, didn’t make it a full year. It’s a bummer for the Dot’s brand, as James has tried several iterations in the past few years of restaurants named after his grandmother, but ultimately none of them stuck around.

James first started Dot's Delicatessen in Fremont, and then remade the space into Dot's Charcuterie and Bistrot, which only lasted three months before closing in June of 2014. Still, James amassed quite a fan base, and this one is sure to break hearts.

Dot's Butcher and Deli

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