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Eater Road Trip Week Is Here

Five days of travel

Road in eastern Washington near Walla Walla, approaching farm and barn with silo.

Starting right now, the Eater universe packs its bags for Road Trip Week, an exploration of drinking and dining destinations worth the drive.

Stay tuned from now through Friday, as Eater Seattle will expand beyond our normal scope, illustrating a cider-fueled adventure along the Olympic Peninsula or sharing can’t-miss experiences in Walla Walla. We’ll even explore tourist-friendly adventures within Seattle itself for anyone road-tripping our way, like a photo gallery from the top of the Space Needle or an updated guide to everyone’s favorite attraction, Pike Place Market.

Other sites across the Eater network are also a-wandering this week, so don’t miss the fun elsewhere. And feel free to delve into some past theme weeks here: Sweets Week, Barbecue Week, and Breakfast Week.

As always, feedback from readers is welcome and encouraged. Share tried-and-true travel tips, plug out-of-the-way dining spots, or weigh in on the cities Seattle diners should add to their to-do lists in the comments or via email.

Now buckle up and let’s get moving.