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Sun Liquor Cuts Loose Its Pike Street Bar and Distillery

But the Summit location will remain open

sun liquor fb Sun Liquor/FB

Sun Liquor announced yesterday via social media that it plans to shutter its Pike Street distillery and restaurant/bar after service on Sunday, June 25.

From the sound of things, the Sun Liquor team was spread thin running a full-service restaurant and bar alongside a distillery that is seeing an increase in demand and productivity. The team will shift its focus to the larger wholesale production facility it opened last year in the University District

“Sun Liquor Distillery and Bar have been operating jointly for several years under one roof, a rare combination that housed both a working distillery and full-service bar and restaurant,” the Facebook post reads. “While this combination has worked for many years, we came to realize that our wholesale growth would eventually impact our ability to run the bar and restaurant effectively.”

The post also indicates that “several local companies” have expressed interest in taking over the space, which made it more attractive for Sun Liquor to bow out. It will be interesting to see who scoops up the venue.

There’s a silver lining to this cloud: Sun Liquor’s cozy Summit Avenue bar will remain open “for the foreseeable future,” so Capitol Hill fans won’t have to travel too far for a Sun Liquor cocktail.

Sun Liquor Lounge

607 Summit Avenue E, Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 860-1130 Visit Website