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Standard Brewing’s Bar Expansion Makes Its Debut in the Central District

But food and liquor aren’t available yet

Standard Brewing/FB

Tiny-but-growing Central District brewery Standard Brewing has rolled out the final part of its multi-stage expansion in the form of a new restaurant/bar space. The entire operation has also expanded its hours and is now open until 10 p.m. every night.

The space opened on July 7, but owner Justin Gerardy says via a blog post that food and liquor will come later. He’s still doing some menu development, and the liquor license hasn’t come through yet. Expect food in about a month, with booze coming after the license application moves through “a very long line with the Liquor Control Board.”

“For now, the new space is open, it’s beautiful and full of beer, and we really want to show it to you,” Gerardy writes.

Standard Brewing/Official

Gerardy announced his expansion plans in May 2015, and he’s gradually unveiled more seating and greater brewing capacity. He also took over a former market next door to add food and cocktails. A former bar manager at Vito's and the Hideout, Gerardy has long dreamed of adding the food-and-booze component. He launched the well-respected Standard in March 2013 as a nano-brewery in a very cramped space in an apartment building on Jackson Street.

To support his growth, Gerardy spent a year and a half scouting new locations in the Central District, but eventually decided to stay in his current spot: "After finding rents in our area to be totally unworkable for this type of business, a deal was reached to keep us in our current building, where we can expand and stay indefinitely." Ultimately, he wanted controlled growth so the brewery could maintain its "playfulness," an attitude his fans will likely appreciate.

Standard Brewing

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