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Updated: New Wild Beer Project, Floodland, Starts Accepting Members in August

Holy Mountain co-founder Adam Paysse goes solo

Adam Paysse
Jeremy BeBeau

Update, 7/25/17: Floodland Brewing unexpectedly opened its bottle club membership sign-ups just after 10 a.m. on Friday, July 21, and the spaces were filled in under an hour. In response, Paysse is accepting waiting-list registrations on a vinespring site in case there are extra bottles left after initial club sales. Paysse wrote, “First and most importantly, holy shit. I am overwhelmed by the response. Thank you to everyone who was able to sign up for your support. If you wanted to sign up and missed out, I apologize. Please register on the vinespring site at the link below, I will create a mailing list from folks who register but didn't make the sign up and I'll be contacting you if there are extra bottles left over from bottle club sales, and you'll get first dibs on spots that open up. There will definitely be beer going out on draught in 2018 and there will be larger run saisons and such that will see some limited distribution.”

Original Story: Floodland Brewing, the hotly anticipated brewery from former Holy Mountain Brewing partner Adam Paysse, will start accepting members to its Oakworks bottle club in early August. Because Paysse is planning very limited distribution, and eschewing the traditional taproom model, the bottle club will be one of the only ways for fans to access these rare beers.

Floodland’s first beers won’t be ready until closer to November, though, and that’s because Paysse isn’t making the average IPA. Instead, he’s concentrating on a return to his passion for dry, hoppy, and wild beers. Paysse will wield techniques like native fermentation, which relies on the yeasts naturally occurring on, say, fruit from local farmers, rather than pre-cultivated strains. Many of the beers will lean on bottle conditioning, too, so they take longer to make.

Bottle club members will pay $200 for a one-year membership. In return, they’ll receive ten 750ml bottles, drinking glasses, and invitations to limited releases and private tastings at Paysse’s brewery near Art of the Table in Fremont. Members will be alerted to new releases and will have three months to pick up their share.

Interested parties should navigate to Floodland’s website and sign up for the waiting list; Paysse will announce the opening of the bottle club when the time comes.