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Vegetarian Verjus to Close at Month’s End on Bainbridge

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But the venture will continue as a wholesale business


Verjus, the cold-pressed juice bar and vegetarian cafe opened last May on Bainbridge Island, is shuttering its brick-and-mortar restaurant after service on July 31. Owners Brendan and Heidi McGill, known for their farm-sourced fine-dining at Hitchcock and its more casual deli and cafe spinoffs, say in a press release that Verjus has outgrown its kitchen and will seek commissary and cafe digs elsewhere.

“We love our spot on Madrone Lane, but we’ve just come to the limits of our little kitchen,” chef McGill says.

Once Verjus settles into its new home, fans will be able to buy juices via cleanse packages and subscription services. The McGills also plan develop a line of pantry items like condiments, gluten-free bread, cashew cream cheese, spice blends, and preserves, all continuing the current approach of cooking without refined sugars, gluten, or animal products. Eventually, the McGills will open a new cafe too.

The commissary and processing space may also host special dinners, classes, and workshops down the line: yoga, Ayurvedic cooking, and fermentation techniques are some ideas being tossed around.