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Fried Chicken Fiend Mark Fuller Takes on Vegetarian Burgers

The Ma’Ono chef will open ‘Table in Denny Regrade with Doug Kawasaki

Mitchell Haindfield/Flickr

Ma’Ono and New Luck Toy chef-owner Mark Fuller, who has made a name for himself mainly through fried chicken, is switching things up with a Denny Regrade restaurant that serves veggie burgers. The enterprise, to be called ‘Table, is a partnership with Doug Kawasaki, who was most recently the executive director of operations at the John Howie Restaurants but also an alum of Canlis’ high-end dining room.

The duo cite fast-casual success story Shake Shack (finally coming to Seattle not far from ‘Table) as an inspiration, and hope to open ‘Table by the end of September on the ground floor of the high-rise condo building Insignia Towers at 588 Bell Street. The quick turnaround could be due to the fact that the idea has been in the works for a couple of years, as Seattle Met reports.

The focus will likely be on lunch, and the menu will revolve around the Table burger, which Fuller told Seattle Met will involve a patty of fried mushrooms and eggplant, supplemented by quinoa, barley, cashews, marmite seasonings, and tamarind, plus pickled cucumber, dill, sweet onions, tomato-mayo, American cheese, and iceberg lettuce between a sesame bun. There’s also going to be a component called a “veggie caramel,” which includes carrots, tomato paste, onions, and garlic cloves cooked to caramelized glory. Though not completely free of animal products, it sounds like ‘Table will give Next Level Burger, the vegan burger joint opening this week, a run for its money.

In addition to other burgers, ‘Table will serve barbecue sandwiches, wraps, bowls, soups, and salads, seasonally-rotating vegetable sides, and beer and wine. The small space will have some seating, but to-go orders will help ease traffic.

Fuller is one busy dude of late. He recently rolled out hefty fried chicken sandwiches at the new Rachel’s Ginger Beer in the University Village mall, and he’s also working on Supreme Pizza, a West Seattle pizzeria with a combination of traditional New York-style pies and off-the-wall combinations — toppings may include taco meat and actual spaghetti noodles.

Eager diners can sign up for email updates on ‘Table’s progress via the restaurant’s website.


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New Luck Toy

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