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Latin Cuisine Replaces Maria Hines’ Young American Ale House

Tropicos Breeze opens today

Tropicos Breeze/FB

The former home of Maria Hines’ Young American Ale House will see its replacement, Tropicos Breeze Latin American restaurant, open today. Hines, the James Beard Award-winning chef who runs Tilth and Agrodolce, shuttered her gastropub at 1744 NW Market Street back in May, and Tropicos Breeze has been working on opening since early August.

The Ballard outpost will be the second location for Tropicos Breeze, which also operates a restaurant at 9710 Aurora Ave N. near Northgate. Fans of the original can expect a similar menu, with specialties like the dippable Salvadoran sandwich, pupusas, huevos rancheros, margaritas, and more.

Perhaps Tropicos Breeze will manage to reel in a larger audience than Hines could with Young American, which she opened as a replacement for her Mediterranean restaurant Golden Beetle. While the area certainly doesn’t lack for foot traffic, something about her gastropub approach didn’t resonate enough for the business to cut it financially.

Tropicos Breeze - Ballard

1744 NW Market Street, seattle, WA Visit Website