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Incredible Spicy Chicken Sandwiches Are Tagging In at Capitol Hill’s Ginger Beer Bar

Ma’ono Fried Chicken is replacing Sunset Fried Chicken later this week

Ma’ono Fried Chicken will replace Sunset Fried Chicken in the Capitol Hill location of Rachel’s Ginger Beer.
Frank E./Yelp

There’s an intriguing changing of the guard happening at Rachel’s Ginger Beer on Capitol Hill: Starting Friday, November 2, Mark Fuller’s incredible Ma’ono Fried Chicken — which already operates a walk-up window with spicy sandwiches inside the Rachel’s location at University Village — will replace the current kitchen tenant, Monica Dimas’ Sunset Fried Chicken.

Ma’ono will bring to Capitol Hill’s ginger beer bar the same fantastic menu that has earned the University Village walk-up counter a spot on the Eater 38: perfectly crisped chicken — with varying levels of spiciness — sandwiched between soft King’s Hawaiian buns and topped with kewpie mayo and big, crunchy daikon pickles. But Fuller is also adding a Capitol Hill-only menu item of loaded tater tots with fried spam, cheese sauce, and scallions. The whole experience is reminiscent of but pared down from Fuller’s full-service Ma’Ono flagship in West Seattle.

Sunset owner Monica Dimas, busy with a new baby and two new restaurants this year (Westman’s Bagel and Coffee and Little Neon Taco), says her fried chicken shop will live on as a pop-up the last Sunday of each month at her First Hill restaurant, Little Neon Taco — and soon at Sea-Tac Airport, too, as part of a slew of exciting additions that focus on local favorites. For now, if she can get it, a little down time seems in order.

Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwiches

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