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Seattle’s Fantastic Fish and Chips Food Truck Has Closed, at Least Temporarily

But Nosh, also known for its buttermilk fried confit rabbit and roasted bone marrow, suggested to fans that a restaurant is in the works

Nosh food truck sold some of Seattle’s best fish and chips, but it could be working on a restaurant now.

Nosh food truck, known since 2013 for serving some of Seattle’s best fish and chips with a side of mushy peas, has ceased operations. But it seems the closure could be temporary, and there are hints a brick-and-mortar restaurant may be in the works.

The company is “going through a few exciting changes” and “taking a little break,” according to the official website and Facebook page. Responding on Facebook to dejected fans wondering how to get their fix, someone from Nosh said, “It’s all going to be ok. You’ll be able to sit down and eat soon,” suggesting strongly that a restaurant is in the works.

Nosh also said in a comment it hopes to get its trucks back on the streets at some point. The company did not immediately respond to Eater’s request for comment.

London native Harvey Wolff founded Nosh in 2013, building quite a following for his fish and chips, mushy peas, buttermilk fried confit rabbit, and roasted bone marrow before selling the business last year to Patrick Adriatico.

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