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A Cool All-Day Cafe Is Coming to Bainbridge Island From Hitchcock Chef

Brendan McGill will add a new member to his excellent empire: Bar Hitchcock, serving sherry cocktails, sandwiches, and shellfish adjacent to Hitchcock Deli on Bainbridge Island

Sandwiches like this one from Hitchcock Deli in Georgetown could make the menu at the new Bar Hitchcock.
Hitchcock Deli Georgetown/Facebook

Respected Bainbridge Island chef Brendan McGill is adding a new member to his wonderful Hitchcock family of restaurants and delis: Bar Hitchcock, an all-day cafe, is set to open next month on Winslow Way, the island’s main downtown drag, not far from the ferry terminal. McGill, whose high-end flagship restaurant is a longstanding member of the Eater 38, announced in October he had taken over the space next door to his Hitchcock Deli sandwich shop, and has now revealed the renovation will make room for his latest venture rather than simply an expansion of the deli.

Bar Hitchcock, at 123 Winslow Way E, will start the day at 8 a.m., slinging baked egg dishes, quiche, granola, grain bowls, tartines, and pastries before transitioning to lunch with sandwiches from the deli, salads, roasted vegetables, and soups. The business will also serve light dinners of charcuterie and cheese plates, salads, roasted vegetables, and shellfish.

In keeping with the “bar” aspect of the venture, McGill is bringing on Erik Hakkinen, whose resume includes time behind the bar at downtown’s beloved Zig Zag Cafe, to create straightforward cocktails like martinis and Negronis as well as lower-proof drinks with sherry and vermouth. Local beer, wine, and cider will also feature on the menu. Bar Hitchcock will close things down at 10 p.m.

McGill is outfitting the space with a communal table, bar seating, a fireplace, board games, and vinyl records. He’s hoping to create a community gathering space similar to what he envisioned for his excellent pizzeria Bruciato, across the street, before that restaurant became so popular it was hard to maintain as chill a vibe as desired. In fact, McGill is working with the designer behind Bruciato again for Bar Hitchcock: Les Eerkes of Eerkes Architects. The decor will lean mid-century, with a black-stained maple bar top using reclaimed bowling alley lane wood, black steel, brass light fixtures, and other vintage pieces.

With Bar Hitchcock acting as more of a relaxed hangout space, McGill wants to transition Hitchcock Deli into a grab-and-go situation, with a cold case of fermented items, smoked and cured meats, and other retail items to go. He’ll essentially have something for everyone on the island, all within a few hundred feet of one another.

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