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The Pizzas Aren’t ‘As Good As They Could Be’ at This Fremont Pizzeria

Plus Modernist Cuisine’s newest photography gallery opens downtown soon, Insomnia Cookies has expanded to Belltown, and more news

Fremont’s Via Tribunali is now In Bocca Al Lupo, though it still serves Neapolitan pizza.

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  • Long-time Via Tribunali general manager Justin Harcus and his friend Shane Abbott purchased the Fremont Neapolitan pizzeria recently, renaming it In Bocca al Lupo and changing the menu slightly. Unfortunately, while Seattle Times critic Providence Cicero loved the warm service and focaccia, she felt the pizzas “weren’t as good as they could be”, tending “to be very limp and extra droopy.” She gave the experience just 1.5 stars out of 4.
  • Ultimate food nerd Nathan Myhrvold, the founder of Bellevue’s Modernist Cuisine, will soon open another of his company’s photography galleries near Pike Place Market. Filled with close-range photos of food and cooking methods, the new gallery will likely unlock the doors within the next month or so.
  • Philadelphia’s Insomnia Cookies recently added a Belltown location for late-night treats. The shop sells and makes deliveries of cookies, coffee, and Full Tilt ice cream until 3 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Options include chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter cup.
  • This week 54 percent of Washington voters approved Initiative 1634, which claims to protect consumers by barring cities and counties from raising local grocery taxes. But the fact that no such grocery taxes were being floated, combined with the reality that the initiative was backed to the tune of $21 million almost entirely by four big soda companies after Seattle passed its tax on sugary drinks last year, should raise eyebrows about the role of big money in local elections.
  • Capitol Hill dive bar the Redwood spent the last six years on the chopping block with demolition pending to make way for a new development. That day of destruction finally came this week, and the building is now a pile of rubble. Owners Mat and Lisa Brooke have opened a new bar, the Spruce, in Port Angeles.


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