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Details Emerge About Wild Ginger’s Upcoming Third Location

The satay slingers take on South Lake Union

A rendering of the upcoming Wild Ginger
Nyhus Communications/Official

It was announced this week that hit Asian fusion spot Wild Ginger would be opening up a third location in South Lake Union (right on the edge of Denny Triangle) — now the details are here about what the popular satay-makers have planned.

It should arrive in July, as part of luxury apartment development McKenzie, on 8th Avenue and Blanchard Street (right across from , and fittingly will be named Wild Ginger McKenzie.

Owner Rick Yoder calls the McKenzie location “another version” of the Wild Ginger brand — it’s a smaller location (for example, the cooking space is 17 feet, compared to 90 feet downtown), so by necessity, it will be a smaller menu of 24 items. Diners will be able to see wok-cooked dishes being prepared via a semi-open kitchen layout, and will be “one cook, one dish” in Yoder’s words.

Developer Al Clise of Clise Properties, who own McKenzie, said there was never any question about which restaurateur he wanted in his building.

“We didn’t talk to anyone else. Rick was the one I went to.”

There will also be a satay bar for the peanutty dish that has helped the restaurant make its name, and cold food section doing cracked crab, oysters, and more.

Presumably, the wine program will be solid (Wild Ginger earned another semifinalist position in the James Beard Awards for its wine program just this week), although craft cocktails will also be a focus.

The space itself is to be built with reclaimed wood from Indonesia offering nice detail — it should seat around 140 people with an outdoor patio factored in, including a handful of bar seats privy to the culinary action.

Nyhus Communications/Official
Nyhus Communications/Official

It should be ready for service in July, doing dinner seven days, weekday lunches, and possibly brunch, along with a happy hour — look out for more details closer to then.

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