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Teatro Zinzanni’s Wacky Dinner Circus Is Moving to Woodinville

The performance has been operating from a temporary spot in Marymoor Park, but it’s moving to the former Redhook brewery space in November

Teatro Zinzanni’s acrobatic performances include a multi-course dinner; the company is moving into the former home of Redhook in Woodinville.
Teatro Zinzanni/FB

Teatro Zinzanni, with its outlandish combination of circus acts, magic, comedy, and dinner, has again found a permanent home after six months operating from circus tents in Marymoor Park. The performances will move to the sprawling former home of Redhook Brewery in Woodinville, with shows starting there in November. Chef Jason Wilson (Lakehouse, Miller’s Guild), who has been developing Teatro Zinzanni’s menus since October, will continue his partnership with the company.

About a year ago, Teatro Zinzanni lost its longtime home on Queen Anne, reports The Seattle Times. The company then moved to a temporary home in Marymoor Park. The relocation to Woodinville will allow Teatro Zinzanni to house all of its operations, including its offices and storage facilities, under one roof.

The circus tents will be erected in the grassy area at the former brewery property, while the offices, rehearsal space, circus class facilities, and costume collection will move to the brewery building. Teatro Zinzanni may eventually open a restaurant inside the former Forecasters Pub space, too.

But Eater has learned that Teatro Zinzanni will not be occupying the entirety of the massive, 20-acre plot. As for what businesses may be looking into sharing the space, Eater will update when details have been confirmed.

Teatro Zinzanni has not been without controversy. In December, The Stranger detailed an audience member’s claims that a performer touched her inappropriately during two magic tricks: “Using a fork, he stuffed a handkerchief down the front of her dress, ran the tines of the fork across the side of her breast, and then pulled out the same handkerchief now magically attached to a bra. Later on in the show, she says he pressed the front of his pelvis up against her back. Beneath his pants he had a vibrator on.”

Redhook departed its Woodinville facility last year, moving to its new Brewlab space on Capitol Hill. The Woodinville brewery was then purchased for $24.5 million by Sound Commercial Investment Holdings, a real-estate holding company.