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Vietnamese Steakhouse Seven Beef Is Becoming Central Smoke

Limited details are available as Eric and Sophie Banh change up their Central District restaurant

Seven Beef will soon become a new concept called Central Smoke.
Suzi Pratt for Eater

Seven Beef, the grand Vietnamese steakhouse in the Central District from Eric and Sophie Banh (Monsoon, Ba Bar), is changing its name to Central Smoke and shifting its focus to smoke-heavy cocktails. The news came via a post by Brandon Addicks last week in the closed Facebook group “WA State Bartender’s Community” calling for experienced bartenders who wanted “to get in on the ground floor of an incredibly dynamic new bar program” immediately.

Few additional details are available at the moment, including when the transformation might happen and what it might mean for the food menu, as the company hasn’t made an announcement on its official website or social media channels and neither Addicks nor Eric Banh has responded to a request for comment.

Seven Beef opened in October 2015, focused on high-quality cuts of grass-fed, dry-aged Washington steak and sharing a modern interpretation of bò 7 món, a traditional Vietnamese seven-course beef dinner.

Seven Beef

1305 E Jefferson St, Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 328-7090