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Stampede Cocktail Club’s Funky Vibe Lights Up Fremont Tonight

The bar has vibrant cocktails, colorful lights, a big patio, and a dinosaur head mounted on the wall for maximum whimsicality

Stampede Cocktail Club’s jungle room has tropical wallpaper and a dinosaur head mounted on the wall.

Today at 4 p.m., Reno, Nevada native Paul Shanrock unveils Stampede Cocktail Club, a stunning transformation of the former Helm space at 119 N 36th St. in Fremont. Shanrock has worked the bar scene in Seattle for the past five years, at venues such as Liam’s, Rocco’s, and most recently Rider at Hotel Theodore, and he’s bringing a love of custom cocktails, dumplings, and funky vibes to his new place.

Stampede takes over the first floor of a two-story house with a large patio. The unassuming gray exterior belies an interior Shanrock describes as “modern saloon with Western influence,” redesigned in just six weeks.

Inside, the main bar space has darker tones and a gold-plated ceiling, lit by Phillips Hue lightbulbs that can change colors for stylish mood-lighting to match a variety of jiggy jams that will always be blasting inside and outside the building. There’s a big communal table close to the entrance and an intricate bar in the back. To the far right is a section nicknamed the jungle room, whose vibe is much more whimsical. With tropical plant-covered wallpaper, a dinosaur head mounted on the wall, a large mirror, and a bright pink ceiling, it’s sure to be a hit on Instagram. The bathrooms offer even more outrageous wallpaper patterns of pink flamingos and peacock feathers.

As the name suggests, cocktails are the focus, and there are 10 signature cocktails on the opening menu. These include the Gin Old Fashioned (Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin, bitters, sugar), the Cerulean Sisters (vodka, Pasubio amaro, citrus blend, blueberry, ginger beer), and the most expensive, Skellice Isles (Kilchoman Manchir Bay Scotch, Gran Classico, Montenegro, Cocchi Americana). More cocktails will be added over time.

To balance out the strong spirits, Stampede is serving a not-so-classic bar snack: dumplings. To start, they’ll be made by Little Ting’s in Greenwood, but Shanrock says they’ll eventually be made on-site once Stampede finds its rhythm.

Shanrock hopes that Stampede will become a go-to place for all people, but especially industry folks looking for a place to unwind and connect with other bartenders. To that end, Stampede will be open late seven days a week, 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The exterior is gray and unassuming, but has a large patio and lots of plants to liven things up.
Stampede Cocktail Club’s swank interior, with curtains and green wallpaper.
The main bar space has darker tones and a gold-plated ceiling.
Suzi Pratt
There are 10 signature cocktails on the opening menu.
Far Away Places cocktail (Genepy, Amontillado, dry vermouth).
Gin Old Fashioned.
Cerulean Sisters cocktail.
Suzi Pratt for Eater
The jungle room has tropical wallpaper and a dinosaur head mounted on the wall.
The room at the back is more subdued than the jungle room.
The bathrooms have pink flamingos and peacock feathers on the walls, and the lighting fixtures are dramatic as well.

Stampede Cocktail Club

119 North 36th Street, , WA 98103 (206) 420-2792 Visit Website