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Deep-Rooted Maple Leaf Bar Can’t Recover After a Fire

Roosevelt Ale House hoped to reopen, but says insurance litigation has forced it to give up the fight

Roosevelt Ale House is closed permanently following a fire.
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Since a smoky fire damaged Roosevelt Ale House (8824 Roosevelt Way NE) last December, the longstanding Maple Leaf bar has expected to rebuild and reopen, but a Facebook post yesterday extinguished any hope of a comeback, blaming insurance litigation for ending a nine-year run for the neighborhood pub.

“After the kitchen fire in December, we remained hopeful that we could resolve everything and rebuild, but the issue has now moved into litigation with our insurance company,” the business wrote. “At this point, with no guarantees of outcome or timeliness, we owe it to our wonderful, patient landlords to move aside so they can collect rent on their space.”

When it opened in 2009, Roosevelt Ale House was a successful second act for owners Scott Simpson and Michelle Steele, who previously owned and operated “fine food without fine dining” restaurant the Jones at the same location for four years. But as Simpson told The Seattle Times back then, a set of difficult circumstances — stalled economy, drastic drop in food sales, loss of chef and sous chef, baby on the way — forced the couple to pivot to a lower-overhead, more family- and sports-friendly business model. And for nine years, until a smoky fire, that was enough.

There’s no word yet on what might replace Roosevelt Ale House.

Roosevelt Ale House

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