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Mark Fuller’s Veggie Burger Spot Closed After Only Five Months

‘Table shuttered in Denny Triangle in March due to slow sales

Veggie burger spot ‘Table, in Denny Regrade, has closed.

Ma’Ono and New Luck Toy owner Mark Fuller has closed the veggie burger restaurant, ‘Table, he founded with Doug Kawasaki, former executive director of operations at the John Howie Restaurants and Canlis alum. Kawasaki said the Denny Triangle restaurant struggled from the outset with landlord issues, and slow sales that didn’t pick up. Ultimately, the duo decided to close the restaurant; it lasted from November 2018 until March 24 — just five months.

‘Table’s focus was on lunch, with the menu revolving around the namesake vegetarian burger. The patty was a labor-intensive mix of fried mushrooms, eggplant, quinoa, barley, cashews, marmite seasonings, and tamarind, and the burger was dressed with pickled cucumber, dill, sweet onions, tomato-mayo, American cheese, and iceberg lettuce. A veggie bowl, salad, crushed avocado succotash, and crispy roasted potatoes complemented the burger.

The duo isn’t planning to install the veggie burger at Ma’Ono, or reopen elsewhere, at least for now. Fuller, for his part, has plenty of other projects to keep him busy, including the always-popular Ma’Ono restaurant in West Seattle; the Ma’Ono window slinging fried chicken sandwiches inside the U District Rachel’s Ginger Beer; New Luck Toy’s Chinese-themed dive bar; and his newest venture, Supreme, a quirky West Seattle pizza joint.

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