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Breezy Capitol Hill Restaurant Tallulah’s Has New Owners

Plus Sun Liquor Lounge changes hands, Sushi Kashiba adds weekday lunch, and more news

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Linda Derschang has sold her Capitol Hill restaurant, Tallulah’s.
Suzi Pratt for Eater

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  • Linda Derschang (Smith, Oddfellows) has sold Tallulah’s, the breezy Mediterranean- and mid-century-styled Capitol Hill restaurant she named for her daughter. New owner Brad Haggen is a co-founder of the Bellingham-based Haggen grocery store chain; he says he’s not planning any changes to Tallulah’s.
  • But Derschang’s portfolio, which also includes Linda’s and King’s Hardware, isn’t any lighter: She’s purchased downtown icon Queen City Grill and plans to reopen it as Queen City. She’ll redecorate and change the menus, but plans to pay homage to the historic space.
  • North Capitol Hill’s respected cocktail den, Sun Liquor Lounge, has a new owner, too: tech worker Andre Sayre, who’s finalizing the deal now and planning to rename the bar Sol Liquor. The bar, formerly a part of Sun Liquor Distillery, went up for sale earlier this year when the liquor producer decided to focus on wholesale business.
  • Sushi Kashiba, legendary chef Shiro Kashiba’s restaurant near Pike Place Market, has added weekday lunch with two different nigiri menus with some set options — lean and fatty tuna, yellowtail, and herring show up on each — and some rotating selections.
  • Award-winning chef Edouardo Jordan shares an interesting behind-the-scenes look at his creative process for his amazing Southern restaurant, Junebaby, with a menu marked up for seasonal changes. Shrimp gumbo makes way for crayfish gumbo, for example, while candied yams become yam salad.

Menu changes #foodwithroots #summer @junebabysea

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