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Posters Urging a Boycott of David Meinert Restaurants Are All Over Capitol Hill

They’re targeted at Comet Tavern and Lost Lake Cafe, two Capitol Hill businesses co-owned by the restaurateur, who’s been accused of sexual misconduct, including rape

These posters call for people to boycott Comet Tavern and Lost Lake Cafe.
Megan Hill/Eater

As the news spread last week that five women had accused Seattle restaurateur Dave Meinert of rape and sexual misconduct, a slew of posters appeared around Capitol Hill, demanding boycotts of Lost Lake Cafe and Comet Tavern, two businesses Meinert co-owns. The posters appear on utility poles near where most of Meinert’s businesses are concentrated, including on E Union St.

It’s not clear who’s behind these posters, but at the top and bottom of each the phrases “Boycott Lost Lake Cafe” and “Boycott Comet Tavern” frame part of KUOW’s story from last week. That includes the headline, “Five women accuse Seattle’s David Meinert of sexual misconduct, including rape,” the lead image of Meinert, Sydney Brownstone’s byline, and the photo caption, “David Meinert, owner of The 5 Point Cafe, part-owner of Lost Lake Cafe and The Comet Tavern, has long been a major fixture on Seattle’s Capitol Hill.” The caption has been highlighted by a bright yellow border.

A poster calling for a boycott of Comet Tavern and Lost Lake Cafe on a utility pole on Capitol Hill.
Megan Hill/Eater

The KUOW story included lengthy, disturbing allegations that Meinert forced himself on five women, each of whom was his acquaintance or friend. One woman brought her rape complaint to the police in 2007, but prosecutors declined to charge Meinert.

In addition to the boycott fliers, Meinert faces a growing backlash to the accusations, as his restaurant business partners, musicians signed to his management company, and even politicians he’s supported are distancing themselves from him. Meinert still appears to be involved with Lost Lake Cafe and Comet Tavern, though.

The 5 Point Cafe

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Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge

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Comet Tavern

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