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Renee Erickson’s Forthcoming Italian Restaurant Slides Onto Social Media

A peek at Willmott’s Ghost

Renee Erickson

Highly anticipated Italian restaurant from renowned chef Rene Erickson, Willmott’s Ghost, now has an online presence on Instagram and Facebook. The posts show off the eatery’s namesake plant, a silvery green summer bloom known as Eryngium giganteum, or Miss Willmott’s Ghost (Ellen Willmott was an influential English horticulturist). The flower is accompanied by a happy little bee and the promise “Opening Summer 2018.”

Located at 2101 7th Ave., Willmott’s Ghost will have a 45-seat dining room, plus room for 10 at the bar and 35 at booths and banquettes. A seasonal patio will seat 24. Willmott’s Ghost will be open to all diners, unlike Erickson’s other Amazon Spheres venture, Rana e Respo, whose three eateries — a General Porpoise doughnut cafe, a salad counter, and a sandwich shop — are available only to Amazon employees.

Inspired by Erickson’s college stint in Rome, the restaurant will serve meals like pizza bianca, salads, small fried bites, and salumi to suit the working crowd as well as pasta and other diverse Italian dishes at dinner.

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Willmott's Ghost

2100 6th Avenue, , WA 98121 (206) 900-9650 Visit Website