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Grilly Argentine Restaurant Lands in a Downtown Hotel Today

Meet Patagon and all its meat


The Charter Hotel adds a new restaurant today (August 24), as Argentine restaurant Patagon arrives in the 2nd Avenue premises.

And as should be expected from any establishment promising cuisine from Argentina, Patagon will partly center around an open-fire grill (parrilla), with items like a bone-in rib-eye cooked on a grill custom-made for the restaurant. But Patagon is definitely not limiting itself just to steak, popular as beef may be in Argentina — executive chef Brandon Cuthey’s menu promises a range of dishes from the country, with added “Northwest flair”. There are empanadas, sweetbreads basted with marrow fat and then slow-cooked, or the fusiony option of chorizo with a biscuit, fried egg, manchego, and chimichurri hollandaise (apparently a breakfast item).

While house cocktails will be offered, it seems like wine may be a highlight, with a list mixing Washington state and Argentine wines.

Patagon is the only full-scale restaurant on-site at the Charter (which is affiliated with Hilton) — it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while rooftop bar Fog Room sticks more to, well, bar offerings.

Patagon is open at 1610 2nd Avenue from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.