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Can North Seattle’s Jewish Deli Raise $50K on Kickstarter?

Zylberschtein’s Kickstarter went live over the weekend with rewards like Reubens, bagel sandwiches, and challah baking classes

A preview of Zylberschtein’s Jewish cuisine.
Standard Bakery [Facebook]

Standard Bakery is asking its community to dig deep: The North Seattle bakery is seeking $50,000 in a Kickstarter launched over the weekend to support the development of Zylberschtein’s, a Jewish deli announced last week.

Certainly, Seattleites are chomping at the bit for more representation of Jewish cuisine in the city (the excitement for forthcoming Dingfelder’s Delicatessen is palpable); now Standard aims to find out if they’ll put down money in advance for the privilege. At the time of writing, Zylberschtein’s campaign had raised just $1,082, though 28 long days remain.

Standard, a popular bakery that started as a pop-up, just celebrated one year at its small home in Pinehurst. If the new location opens successfully next door, “We’ll be serving pastrami sandwiches, bagel sandwiches, matzoh ball soup every day, and challah,” owner Josh Grunig says in the Kickstarter video.

The video also pokes fun at the difficult pronunciation of Zylberschtein’s, which is spelled out phonetically as “vee•bur•shtine.” Grunig says it’s his family’s old Polish name, and he plans to use family recipes, like his dad’s pickles and cured meats, at the restaurant, along with fresh bread baked on-site, naturally.

The lowest reward level is a gift card for a coffee and pastry with a $10 pledge, while higher levels include bread-baking classes for sourdough or challah at $750 and a deli party at $1,000. The $25 reward is is for a “world famous Reuben sandwich or a bagel sandwich with a coffee or drink,” but can a Reuben that no one has had yet be world-famous?

Standard Bakery

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