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Modernist Cuisine Gallery Is Adding a Seattle Location

Fans can soon buy photography prints from local chef and scientist Nathan Myhrvold

Nathan Myhrvold will show off his food photos at a new Modernist Cuisine gallery in Seattle.
Modernist Cuisine Gallery/Official

Ultimate food nerd Nathan Myhrvold, the creator of Bellevue’s Modernist Cuisine Cooking Lab and a line of cookbooks, is opening a photography gallery in Seattle. Myhrvold already operates locations in New Orleans and Las Vegas, where he sells prints of his photos in varying sizes. The large format options clock in around $1,000 a pop.

The gallery is slated to open in November (as is another gallery in San Diego), near Pike Place Market and across the street from the Seattle Art Museum. It seems like the art on sale here will draw inspiration from its surroundings, including the market. “Visitors to the gallery will experience Myhrvold’s art just steps from the flavors and ingredients that inspired many of his iconic photographs,” according to the website.

Myhrvold is a scientist who formerly worked with Stephen Hawking and was once CTO of Microsoft. Thus, he takes a deeply technical look at food and cooking, breaking down processes at the molecular level. His photography is similarly granular, with close-up photos of chard and tomatoes, bread crumbs, even Vitamin C.

Cutaway Blender
Nathan Myhrvold/Modernist Cuisine
Bread Crumb
Nathan Myhrvold/Modernist Cuisine
Vitamin C
Nathan Myhrvold/Modernist Cuisine