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Well-Reviewed Madison Valley Restaurant Closes After Seven Months

Chef Rob Sevcik said health issues and operational challenges led him to close his fancy Petite Galerie

Chef Rob Sevcik has closed Petite Galerie in Madison Valley.
Petite Galerie/Facebook

Citing an illness and “operational challenges,” chef Rob Sevcik has closed his upscale Madison Valley restaurant, Petite Galerie. Sevcik opened the restaurant just seven months ago, in February.

“A mix of operational challenges and a significant bout of illness this summer” plagued the chef, according to Seattle Met. It’s a sure loss for the neighborhood as the decidedly high-end restaurant, which served lunch and dinner, was well-received. In a recent review, Seattle Met used words like “revolutionary” and “flawless” to describe the dining experience.

Sevcik previously spent time in Thierry Rautureau’s kitchens, including now-defunct Rover’s. Last summer, he left his role as chef de cuisine at Rautureau’s fancy French restaurant Loulay to start work on his own venture. Sevcik set lofty goals to raise $325,000 through an Indiegogo campaign, but the fundraiser fell significantly short, netting only one percent of the total. His Capitol Hill location also fell through, but he finally settled in Madison Valley.

Petite Galerie

3131 East Madison Street, ,