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Pike Place Market’s Fan Favorite Russian Bakery Expands Downtown

Piroshky Piroshky’s fifth location opens in Century Square Friday

Piroshky Piroshky will open a new location for its Russian pastries downtown.
Piroshky Piroshky/Facebook

Pike Place Market’s perennially popular Russian pastry specialist, Piroshky Piroshky, continues its expansion efforts this Friday with a new location in downtown’s Century Square food court, near 3rd and Pike streets. The bakery will mark the occasion with buy-one, get-one free deals on its pastries — like the fish-shaped smoked salmon pate and the cinnamon-cardamom braid — as long as supplies last.

The new location will serve customers from a pick-up window facing the street, too. On the weekends, the food court will be closed but the window will remain open. The expansion is geared toward locals who may not want to venture to Pike Place Market’s busy sidewalks, owner Olga Sagan says.

Piroshky Piroshky’s new Century Square location.
Courtesy of Piroshky Piroshky

The opening on Friday marks the fifth location for the growing chainlet, which was born in Pike Place Market. The business also unveiled a food truck last month. The new ventures join Piroshky Piroshky expansions in Northgate, Southcenter, and Columbia Center, plus the original on Pike Place.

Piroshky Piroshky

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