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Instagram-Famous Doughnut Pop-Up Finds a Permanent Home

But there are no details yet about where the stylish and delicious doughnuts will land

Flour Box’s doughnuts.
The Flour Box [Facebook]

After a year of drool-inducing Instagram photos and sold-out pop-ups, doughnut-focused dessert pop-up the Flour Box has found a permanent home. Owner Pamela Vuong, a self-taught home baker, business management student, and savvy social media maven with a dedicated following, shared the news in August via Instagram, of course, but with agonizingly few details — the only thing she could confirm for Eater was that her coveted doughnuts aren’t the only things she’ll be selling at Flour Box’s eventual home.

“Still in the very beginning stages right now,” Vuong wrote via email. “All I can say for sure is that there’ll be lots more than just donuts in the future shop.”

It’s unclear when or where the shop will land, but it sounds like fans shouldn’t expect it before 2019. “It isn’t fancy, and it needs some (a lot of..) love, but it’s perfect,” Vuong said in her post, a year after she announced her first pop-up.

Flour Box has popped up at various locations around town for the past year. Vuong’s mostly made her name with plush brioche doughnuts, but also whips up gorgeous cakes, gluten-free brownie cookie sandwiches, and other pastries as well. She flavors her doughnuts with a broad palette, from classic combinations like maple hazelnut, chocolate peppermint, and creme brulee to more daring options like orange anise, evergreen, and bagel-inspired everything seasoning with whipped chive cream cheese filling.

Flour Box’s move from popular pop-up to bakery is similar to that of Mi Kim’s Raised Doughnuts, which recently settled in the Central District. Between these two and Renee Erickson’s ever-expanding General Porpoise Doughnuts and Coffee, fancy doughnuts are definitely having a day.