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China’s Gold-Wrapped Soft Serve Is Coming to Seattle

Kawaii-obsessed chain Nobibi lists a local expansion on its website, but with few details

Nobibi will bring its gold foil-wrapped soft serve to Seattle on an unspecified timeline.
Nobibi [Facebook]

Outlandish Chinese ice cream chain Nobibi is bringing its 24-carat edible gold foil-wrapped soft serve to Seattle, though the company’s U.S. website and Facebook page don’t give any further details on location or timeline.

Nobibi’s line-up includes cotton candy-wrapped ice cream and black waffle cones, an Instagrammer’s dream, though the company also says it focuses on “fresh organic and raw ingredients” with “no synthetic additives.”

The trendy approach carries through the entire business model, inspired by “kawaii,” the Japanese culture of cuteness: The decor, just as wild as the desserts, features swing seating, hanging bubble chairs, plush sofas, a ball pit, oversized stuffed animals, pink neon signage, mirrors that look like life-size Instagram posts, and plenty of Millennial pink.

The chain is putting the finishing touches on a Los Angeles location, with further plans to expand into Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Portland in the near future.