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Ownership Change Breathes New Life Into Fremont French Restaurant Pomerol

Preeti Agarwal is infusing the menu with Indian flavors

Top-down view of a dish at Pomerol
Preeti Agarwal is infusing the menu at Pomerol with Indian flavors.

Fremont restaurant Pomerol has a new owner — and she’s shaking up the formerly French-meets-Vietnamese menu with influences from her native India. Preeti Agarwal, who was born and raised in Uttar Pradesh, took over the restaurant on June 1. Since then, she’s revamped the menu, and has plans to continue the evolution as she gets settled.

Agarwal has added a slew of new dishes early on, but kept the restaurant’s French roots. She’s added a few Indian flavors to the menu, too, with dishes like chat maasala pakoras living alongside foie gras and steak frites.

It’s likely Agarwal will add more Indian dishes to the menu over time, but for now the fullest and most personal expression of her cooking can be found at her pop-up, Meesha. The pop-up showcases Agarwal’s modern Indian cuisine, in which she recreates some of the country’s most famous dishes as well as some of her family recipes, including Mumbai Parsi-style goat berry biryani and mussels in Goan green mango broth. The next pop-up will be on November 15 at Pomerol.

Pomerol (127 N. 36th St) originally opened under owner Vuong Loc in 2014.


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