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New Vietnamese Brunch with Taro Bubble Waffles Comes to Bainbridge Island Soon

The recently opened Ba Sa is expanding its menu November 2

A closeup view of fried chicken with taro bubble waffles.
Chicken and taro bubble waffles at Ba Sa.
Kayle John

Ferry hoppers, take note. The new Vietnamese restaurant Ba Sa on Bainbridge Island — which opened in early September — is about to start brunch service November 2, with a number of intriguing dishes. Among them: chicken and taro bubble waffles, passionfruit butter French toast, and banh bot chien (an egg dish, with clams, papaya, and chili soy sauce). Cocktails will include a soursop martini with Iichiko Silhouette sochu and a bone broth bloody mary.

Ba Sa owners (and siblings) Trinh and Thai Nguyen hosted a popular brunch at the acclaimed Bainbridge Island restaurant Hitchcock last year, before developing plans for their own restaurant. The new place pays homage to the food of their childhood growing up in Southeast Asia, as well as their early culinary training working at their parents’ popular Poulsbo, WA, restaurant Pho T&N.

Located at 101 Winslow Way East, the spacious 2,300 Ba Sa is starting to build some buzz. It should also fill a hole in a somewhat limited brunch scene on Bainbridge, which has a few standouts (like Good Egg and Bar Hitchcock, the offshoot of the aforementioned Hitchcock), but doesn’t have a ton of variety, especially in the colder months. Fried chicken and taro waffles sound like they could definitely hit the spot.

Ba Sa

101 Winslow Way East, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110