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New Food Truck Slings Fancy Pork Belly and Cod Sandwiches Around Town

Layers Sandwich Co. has some legit Seattle restaurant pedigree as well

A pork belly sandwich with pepper and pickled onions on challah, cut in half.
Pork belly with pepper jelly and pickled onions on toasted challah.
Courtesy of Layers Sandwich Co.

Those serious about their sandwiches may want to keep their eye out for a new food truck which revved up its engines earlier this month. Since launching October 9, Layers Sandwich Co. has been bouncing around at breweries and office lots from Ballard to West Seattle, serving up items like crispy pork belly sandwiches with spicy Fresno pepper jelly on toasted challah, grilled cheese with dates and jalapenos, and Alaskan cod with curry on griddled pain de mie.

The truck’s wife and husband team Ashley and Avery Hardin have a strong Seattle restaurant background — Ashley worked at the well-regarded seafood restaurant Lark, and Avery was a former chef at Renee Erickson’s Bar Melusine. Now, they’re branching out on their own, emphasizing mostly local ingredients (the pork is from Carlton Farms, Oregon; the challah from Grand Central Bakery). There are also a few salads on the menu, as well as a warm, gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. The sandwiches and salads range from $11-13, with some snacks in the $2 price range.

Though the truck will be roaming around, possibly hitting some spots near South Lake Union to cater to the techie lunch crowd, Layer Sandwich Co.will have a weekly spot at DCG One at 4401 E Marginal Way South beginning Wednesday, October 30 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.