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Portland’s Sustainable Sushi Restaurant Names an Opening Date for Seattle

Bamboo Sushi will be making maki in the U District by the end of the month

Bamboo Sushi/Facebook

After planning to expand to Seattle for around two years, Portland sushi chain Bamboo Sushi has announced an opening date for its first location in the city.

A University District outpost will open in the University Village mall on October 30 with seating for 142 diners, plus a take-out window.

Bamboo’s big hook is its sustainability — it’s involved with sustainably fishing organizations like Surfrider and the Smart Catch Program, and bills itself as carbon neutral. It numbers five locations in the Portland area, and one in Denver. It’s also in the process of adding at least three California locations in the Bay Area.

Bamboo will be serving local seafood and produce; in line with its sustainable approach, it offers a solid selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes. With an izakaya vibe and day-and-night hours, it also has a lengthy sake list, and house cocktails to boot.

This is the only planned expansion for Seattle right now — while the company had plans to open both Bamboo Sushi and a location for casual poke restaurant Quickfish on Pike Street, those were nixed, and it’ll stick to just the U-Village for now.