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The Central District’s Planned ‘Seattle Soul’ Restaurant Runs Into Delays

Kristi Brown’s upcoming restaurant, originally planned for this summer, doesn’t have an opening date yet

A plate of food from Kristi Brown
Kristi Brown’s upcoming restaurant, planned for this summer, doesn’t have an opening date yet.
That Brown Girl Cooks/Facebook

Chef Kristi Brown, who owns the catering company That Brown Girl Cooks, is running into delays opening her Central District restaurant. Brown told newsletter subscribers that the restaurant, which was supposed to open this summer, doesn’t have an anticipated opening date for now. When it does open, though, the menu will reflect what Brown calls “Seattle soul” — dishes tinged with Southern and Northwest influences.

Brown’s restaurant is in the “pre-construction” phase in the new Liberty Bank building, an affordable housing complex designed to honor the neighborhood’s African American heritage.

“This project is one that has proven to be more of an undertaking than any of us imagined,” the newsletter reads. “We knew it had powerful political implications, and we’ve sought to address commercial equity and funding. This has led to a partnership with the city. And together we are making strides towards commercial affordability and ownership.”

The update also mentions that fans should keep an eye on social media for announcements about events coming in the next few months.